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Prayers? Would it be that I held faith in a god, I would only pray that he kill you all, and wipe all record of your existence from the universe...Fuck people like you.


released October 5, 2011

Thanks to no one. FKAL



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Fuck Knowledge and Learning Denver, Colorado

Born. Tried to avoid discomfort. Still trying. All these stories end the same.

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Track Name: Feeble
Crawling feebly from our ancestors graves, we see their greatest act of self disparagement is in their unlived lives, only through our own repetition, without which we'd never learn a fucking thing. When the smoke begins to clear, once civilization has fallen, you'll get yours. I'll feed my dogs your corpse. We'll drain your body of blood and drink it in our temple. As I stand at the edge of a pit filled with your burning bones, I'll shed a tear not for your loss but for the wasted meat.
Track Name: Rome
Prepare to die, Roman scum. Your shaking city walls make me sick. Pray to your gods.
Track Name: Flowers
Hail mary, full of shit and piss. When I lay me down to sleep, I pray my soul your fucking cunt will keep. I might see you dead by dawn, or you might be praying at my grave, either way, I hope we both can cum.
Track Name: Flock
Wake in my nest starving for nourishment, the air smells different, thick and pungent, flew over the ocean to find a fish to eat and the first one I find is not even wriggling, I swallow it down, and the pain begins, my stomach feels as if it will be torn from me, my eggshells are weakening, I can't feel my feet, my legacy will not be passed on this time, my feathers are covered in slimy black petrol, fuck this shit. There will be no vengeance I am bird they are man.
Track Name: Tarnished
Crying out in pain, from the tarnished blood inside your veins, I wish to meet with sentient beings but all I get are empty drunk stares. My own kind don't even know what they are, the difference between a satellite and a star. Your corpse sinks into the tar. Drink the world away. Try to numb the pain. Take your daily medication. Another fucking maggot, keeping yourself complacent. You disgust me.