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You are fucked.


released September 2, 2012

Drum: Lars
Vocal: James
Guitar: James



all rights reserved


Fuck Knowledge and Learning Denver, Colorado

Born. Tried to avoid discomfort. Still trying. All these stories end the same.

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Track Name: Cocoon
The empire falls to ruin. Stone walls protect decay. It spread on wings of finches. The network stole their breath. Wrapped up inside a sterile lifeless cocoon. Coddle the sickened child, embrace to hold off the sorrow, wish for what was, Pray for tomorrow. Your god has sent this plague to purge the land of pestilence. Now you shall be set free from anguish you cultivated. A prison built of longing, suppressed for want of objects. Wrapped up inside a sterile lifeless cocoon. Coddle the sickened child, embrace to hold off the sorrow, wish for what was, Pray for tomorrow.
Track Name: Ubiquitous
Born. Consume. Trained. Learn. Fuck. Enslaved. Produce. Procreate. Give. Age. Weaken. End
Track Name: Eloquent
High up on your golden throne, talking about what everyone should be doing, how people should behave, what they need to stop, What we should want and what we should be. Why? Why won’t you die? Why won’t you die? Why won’t you die you fuck?
Track Name: Sore
I don’t love you. I don’t trust your hands upon the earth. You are an abomination. I've met your kind before, a pussing oozing open sore that I can't stop tonguing. If you ever go away two more will take your place, a rotting cavity in my infected face. I am so sick of being alive. The human species is a cancer on what would otherwise be a beautiful planet. I am so sick of the human excrement surrounding me. 
Track Name: Cappadocia
Trip through veil of pride then again and see doppelganger staring back at you with eyes as empty as yours. Conquest and collapse, paradise void. Shattered hubris against the ruins. How to breathe with lungs full of glaciers? Stone cavities, ancient vain attempt. Circuit boards are anticlimactic trash. Were it that I held faith in a god, my only prayers would be that it kill you all and erase all record of your existence from the universe.
Track Name: Writhing
When the worm came into the earth from a cavern deep within her core, it began to squirm around and eat its mother's flesh, the dirt, bones of gold and iron and the earth's black blood filled the worms black heart and the worm moved on until everything was gone, and it reached around the whole entire world and began to swallow its own tail down those gaping jaws until it split down its side and covered the earth in its gluttonous mess. Slash and burn till there's nothing left, drill through the crust to pump out the gas. Work hard, drive cars, see if it lasts. Soon you won't have any air to breathe. We were never meant to be, still we persevere. We were never meant to be, still we breed. Cancer grows within flesh and bone, toxins pulled from the earth's core. The crust has been pierced to satisfy the greed. The larger the beast the greater the need. We were never meant to be, still we persevere, we were never meant to be, still we breed. And the worm moved on, and the worm moved on. The worm moved on until everything was gone.
Track Name: Tarnished
Crying out in pain, from the tarnished blood inside your veins, I wish to meet with sentient beings, but all I see are empty drunk stares. My own kind don't even know what they are, the difference between a satellite and a star. Struggle so fierce as you sink into the tar. Drink the world away. Try to numb the pain. Take your daily medication, another fucking maggot keeping yourself complacent. You disgust me. I hate you. 
Track Name: Barren
Your shaking city walls make me sick. Where I pass, grass will not grow again. Pray to your gods.
Track Name: Cattle
Fattened cattle stuffed with grains know not the value of nourishment. Joints buckle beneath their weight, broken bodies, absent wills. There is no light in this tunnel. Blind, numb, deaf, dumb. Domestic mammals bred for submission want not for freedom, seek no redemption. Beaten, broken, fucked, left for dead. Lord crom take me into the deep dark sleep forever. No dreams, no more lessons, burning of flesh, breaking of bones. Too much knowledge for gods, too much freedom for men. As we burn we pray to our gods "crom how could you?" "Now you reap what you have wrought. A red giant from our humble sun. Expand, consume. A thriving speck of shit, wiped clean, back to dust. Burned, returned from whence we came, all record gone for good. Everything burns, you are no exception. Feed on each other, frightened and hiding, consuming and taking, rewarded for your desperation."