Which is Heart

by Fuck Knowledge and Learning

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Fuck you. You make me sick.


released September 6, 2013

Recorded by Clay Dehaan.
Drums by Lars.
Guitar and vocals by James.



all rights reserved


Fuck Knowledge and Learning Denver, Colorado

Born. Tried to avoid discomfort. Still trying. All these stories end the same.

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Track Name: Fence
cling to colors, an empty vessel/wrap docile livestock in meaningless coat of arms/shout rebellion over lines in the sand/struggle against the bonds of comfort/until you break free. Then run back to your master//flag flying hypocrite. nothing but a fake/transparent bullshit. when will your façade break/just like the others, a dog in a yard/pretending to try to jump over the fence.
Track Name: Cold
often times/a wilted flower/hanging from a dying branch/can bring one such joy/in winter//absent light/nothing left to burn/I have not felt in so long//the sky is empty/dead from cold/bringing hope/the river still runs/beneath the layer of ice/the past, it echoes/old days truth
Track Name: Mirage
parched throat, broken legs/dragging your body over 80 miles of/rocky desert towards buildings seen from so far/until there is nothing but dust and garbage/blowing around the empty well//jump in/hope to die from the fall
Track Name: Eloquent
high up on your golden throne, talking about what/everyone should do and what we ought to think/ so fucking special, so far ahead of the pack/talking about what we should want out of life//why/why won't you die/why won't you die/why won't you die you fuck/why/why won't you die/why won't you die/why won't you die you fuck
Track Name: Sore
I don’t love you/I don’t trust your hands upon the earth/you are an abomination//I've met your kind before/a pussing oozing open sore/that I can't stop tonguing/if you ever/go away two/more will take your/place, a rotting/cavity in/my infected face//I am so sick of being alive/the human species is a cancer on/what would otherwise be a beautiful planet/I am so sick of the human excrement all around me
Track Name: Cocoon/Cattle
the empire falls to ruin/stone walls protect decay/it spread on wings of finches/the binding claws of sinking//wrapped up inside a sterile lifeless cocoon//coddle the sickened child/embrace to hold off the sorrow/wish for what was/pray for tomorrow

fattened cattle, stuffed with grains/know not the value of nourishment/Joints buckle beneath their weight/broken bodies, absent wills/there is no light in this tunnel/blind, numb, deaf, dumb/domestic mammals bred for submission/want not for freedom, seek no redemption//beaten/ broken/fucked/left for dead//a red giant from our humble sun. expand, consume/a thriving speck of shit in a sterile operating room, wiped clean//everything burns/soon you will see/we are no/exception
Track Name: Cappadocia
trip through veil of pride then again/and again and see doppelganger/staring back at you with eyes as vacant as/yours//conquest and collapse/paradise void/shattered hubris/against the ruins//how to breathe with lungs full of glaciers/stone cavities, ancient vain attempt/circuit boards are anticlimactic/trash//were it that I held faith in a god/my only prayers would be that he kill you/all and erase all record of your/existence from the universe
Track Name: Error
an empty suit of armor marches with knights of flesh and bone indifference growing heavy in light of camaraderie fondness formed sharing rage joy lust evades dejected husk of failure I'll stab out your eyes so you won't see my tears//someone thought it was fine that I am numb convinced me to take off my veil revealed a pale copy of nature's intentions alone in a crowd bound in a crude mockery of familiarity revealed empty windswept streets in what must be the bustling heart of the city//cold heart dull thoughts invalid existence as the grand hopes and expectations of youth begin to fade as aptitude defines achievement in place of empty statements and desires for the future//disappointments acquired with each passing year pile up and the mountain lets forth another mouse
Track Name: Hari-Kari
I tried to trust in your strange ways/you let me down at every turn/when I saw light you blocked the sun/when I feel life you make it numb//you told me everything would be just great and/that if I trust you I'll find my way/you gave me a gift then you cut it in half/every success is a trap I fall into/you programmed me for/half assed hari-kari.